How do I update the existing code with new release?

  1. Create or login with gitlab
  2. Create a new project in GitLab
    • To create a project in GitLab :-
    • In your dashboard, click the green New project button or use the plus icon in the navigation bar. This opens the New project page.

  3. Clone project to your local system
    • Once a project is created on your gitlab server. You have to clone the project to your local system. You can clone it with the command line.
    • For ex: git clone “repository path” .
    • Copy your project url and clone into your existing system

    • Once successfully cloned then the system will create a folder on your system.
  4. Download project from server.
  5. Copy/paste your initial downloaded project to clone directories.
    • Once successfully downloaded a project , copy/paste your downloaded project into clone directories.
    • Note:-
    • Only original source code is put here.
  6. Commit and push to gitlab serve
    • Onces copy/paste your changes to clone directres, you have to push all files to your gitlab server.
    • Before commit to server directores, you have to remove below folder from your project
      • build
      • .idea
      • .gradle

After That follow below steps

  • Goto inside your clone directory project.
  • Then after adding all your files with "git add ." command
  • Now commit your changes with :- git commit -m 'initial commit'.
  • For note:- Write your latest version message instead of "initial commit".
  • Push your code with command :- "git push" .
  • After that check your project is committed on git or not on gitlab server .

For Update existing code (If Already have old version of project)

  • Download the latest version from codecanyon server.
  • Copy/paste your downloaded project to clone directories.
  • Commit and push to gitlab server.
  • Follow same step 6: Commit and push to gitlab server.